International Data Access   

Polo Solutions Project aims to deliver a genuine and effective platform by optimally utilising modern technology and its accessories while advancing the existing international telecommunication business in our country Nigeria.

  • Originate and terminate Incoming or outgoing calls to and from Nigeria – via Landline and mobile phones.
  • Voice & SMS that concatenates Polo Solutions Project Network in Europe, America, Asia, South America and Australia to all MNOs based in Nigeria using either VoIP or SS7.
  • Occupy strategic hubs within Nigeria to enable local SS7 interconnects.
  • Top notch monitoring and supervision interface with accurate in-built Billing.
    Suitable for specific Leased Lines between Europe, America, Asia, South America or Australia and Nigeria.
  • Cloud-based solution VoIP interconnects (SIP) if supported by the MNO Public Internet used to interconnect Polo Solutions Project Session Border Controller with Nigerian & international operators.